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Pink and blue wedding invitations selection for the special day

Daytime and casual weddings are ideal for a sweet color palette as your theme. But if you want to add a contrasting color, pink and blue might be just right for you. Plain neutral weddings are not for everyone, that's why this is such a fresh idea for your upcoming celebration. And it is versatile as well because if you want to adapt it for an evening wedding, all you must do is use a darker shade of blue for the perfect combination of blue and pink wedding invitations.

When you browse through Paperlust options for your pink and blue wedding invitations, keep in mind that every design is customizable. We don't mean only the words but also the colors, fonts, and overall design. If you like it just the way it is, you only need to use the editing tool to change the wording and add your wedding details. 

For a bigger personalization, like changing the font, you should add a special request. And if you wish to change the colors or other elements of a current design, you can request a custom order. The best part of all is our customer service team is ready to help you in case of doubt.