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Wedding Invitations Perth & Perth Wedding Invitations

No matter how you phrase it, we love Perth, and we love collaborating with very best creative talent hailing from Perth to create distinctly unique wedding invitations.

Whether you are looking at the formal grandeur of the Cottesloe Civic Centre or the modern sophistication of the Crown ballroom, Paperlust has the perfect range of vintage, rustic, beach and lace invitations to compliment your big day.

Considering a destination wedding down the coast, perhaps something casual at Swings & Roundabouts? Consider using a save the date to give your guests plenty of warning. Paperlust has a great range of save the dates cards as well as other wedding stationery to complete your set, including save the date, thank you card, wishing well and engagement invitation.

And whilst Paperlust has the best wedding invitations designs in Perth, as well as the best young Perth-based talent, we also have the rest of Australia covered with the best young designers from Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart.


A sunny Perth wedding

Though Perth is Australia’s most isolated city, it’s still a very popular choice for a few days’ getaway. There are plenty of beautiful parks and gardens that provide lovely backdrops for a wedding. 

As Australia’s sunniest state, Perth is an attractive choice for outdoor weddings, with some of the best beaches in the country and a stunning city skyline. Here in Australia, outdoor weddings are quite common, and whether your theme is rustic, beach or garden, you’ll easily find a beautiful location in sunny Perth to host your wedding. 

If an outdoor venue is not to your taste, Perth also has you sorted with historic architecture and modern indoor venues that make for great wedding settings. Whether your theme is classic, art deco or retro there are plenty of spots in Perth that you can tie in nicely with your Perth wedding invitation designs. 

Our talented designed come from all over Australia, and understand how to create something unique and unlike anything else for our customers, no matter what your dream wedding looks like. We want to help brides and grooms get everything they want out of their special day, and ensure that your wedding stationary is just right. 


Create something special with your Perth wedding invitations 

There is something that every bride is sure to love from our range of Perth wedding invitations, whether you want the design to compliment your chosen Perth wedding venue, or something unique created from your favourite patterns. Depending on the formality of your wedding you might wish to discover which premium print techniques you can add to your favourite design, like letterpress, metallic print, photo card and print on wood. Each unique technique provides an effect that will be sure to delight all guests who receive an invitation. 

We love creating a special touch to your wedding invites, something more than just a simple piece of paper; we help you create a piece of art. Something that you will want to keep for years to come, whether put on display in your home or placed safely in an album so that you can look back on. It’s something that your loved ones are sure to treasure as well, they’ll love being able to have your Perth wedding invitation as a keepsake of the special day, something to look back at with fond memories. 

A wedding invitation is more than just an invitation, it’s a reflection of your wedding day, of who you are, and it should be something special that is custom designed specifically for you. 


Your wedding envelopes can be creative too 

A new product that we’ve recently introduced is envelope liners, so now your envelope need not be boring but can be just as much a feature as the rest of your invitation. Our new envelope liner designs can be matched to the design of your wedding invitation, so that everything compliments the overall look of the invites.

With our envelope liner designs including:

• Floral
• Marble
• Watercolour
• Striped
• Tropical

Little finishing touches like this are what really make your wedding invitations stand out, and it’s a feature that you loved ones will really appreciate and are sure to remember. 

At Paperlust we are all about the finer details of every aspect of your Perth wedding invites, we want to help you create the perfect wedding stationary to fit with your wedding, and will help you every step of the way, from choosing the right colours and thematic design, to helping you with the wording. 


Perth wedding invites to suit any theme

If you are planning a seasonal wedding, or have a colour scheme in mind, you can view our range of wedding invitations by colour including black, blue, gold and purple designs. No matter what your personal style is, or the theme of your wedding day, we can help you create a wedding invitation that is the perfect complement. 

Our Australian designers are always coming up with creative new designs, continually looking to inspire with their wedding invitations. With a wide range of different designs including:

• Black & White
• Floral
• Modern
• Rustic
• Whimsical

And with plenty more than that to offer, our collection has you covered for any possible style you desire. Wedding invitations should be just as fun and creative as any other part of your wedding day, so don’t be afraid to choose a design that really makes an impact! 



Perth has a lot going for it in the wedding department, from the great weather to the stunning natural landscapes that aren’t far from the city, our collection of Perth wedding invitations are the perfect match for a Perth wedding. 

If you need any help with the wording on your invitations be sure to check out our wedding invitation wording page, which has plenty of suggestions. Here at Paperlust we are dedicated to helping you with every aspect of your wedding invites, so feel free to contact us with any questions!