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A timeless moment with Ivory and Gold Wedding invitations for the bride and groom

Timeless weddings are the most popular for a big reason; when you look over your wedding album thirty years from now, you will see how many of the details of your wedding are still present in modern celebrations. And mostly, your wedding photos will not look like a costume party from that decade. If you are searching for a classic and traditional wedding theme, there is no way you can go wrong with ivory and gold. 

Ivory and gold wedding invitations will let your guests know how formal and classic your celebration is, in addition to the details of date, time, location, and perhaps a map you can add to the backside with a special request. With the Paperlust editing tool, you can customize the wording, and if you wish to change some bigger elements, a custom order is always available. 

Paperlust designs are also available for other items needed for your big day, such as a save the date card, thank you cards, RSVP cards, and even menus. And when you buy 3 items, you get a 15% discount. Free white premium envelopes are also available to help you stay within your budget.