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Hydrangea Wedding Invitations

While planning your wedding, do you find yourself constantly pinning amazing florals? Check out our stunning range of hydrangeas wedding invitations to create your dream stationery. Wedding invitations with hydrangea flowers work not only for spring and garden weddings, but also themes like rustic, princess, country and more.

If you’re planning bridesmaid dresses in cool tones like blue, purple and green, think about hydrangea invitations for your wedding to create a theme. Another way to continue the theme is with hydrangea wedding shower invitations and engagement invitations. Wedding invitations hydrangea theme can be a way to incorporate flowers without it being too feminine; this dynamic flower is versatile to suit many occasions.

Here are some ideas for types of hydrangea invites:

  • White hydrangea wedding invitations
  • Hydrangea rustic wedding invitations
  • Purple hydrangea wedding invitations
  • Watercolour hydrangea wedding invitations
  • Green hydrangea wedding invitations
  • Blue hydrangea wedding invitations

Whether it’s wedding invitations blue hydrangea that you’re looking for or hydrangea wedding invitations done cheap to save some pennies, at Paperlust you can customise any design to suit your needs and tastes. Browse our exclusive selection to find the one that’s right for you and your big day.