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Luxurious combination for emerald green and gold wedding invitations.

Trying to find the right color palette for an elegant and fresh wedding? We know what you need, emerald green and gold wedding theme! It has just the right amount of sophistication and freshness to keep your celebration beautiful but formal. Those colors are suitable for an outdoor wedding or a classic indoor reception. 

When choosing one of the designs, Paperlust offers you, keep in mind the formality and location of your event so they match it. For example, an outdoor wedding should have floral or lighter details. At the same time, an evening celebration could incorporate a symmetrical or minimalistic design with plenty of gold detailing. Once you have a design, it is time to personalize it with our editing tool; you can change the wording and add the important details of your celebration. 

Our print type is another way to personalize your emerald green and gold wedding invitations. Digital print is ideal for designs that don't require much shine; if you want the metallic portion to stand out, we recommend a foil or metallic print type. For distinctive looks, a white ink over dark stock is ideal. There are plenty of options to make your wedding invitations unique and save money. We offer free white premium envelopes with every order, a 15% discount when ordering three or more items, and free shipping worldwide with $300.00 and over purchases.