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Dusty blue and burgundy wedding invitations for any season

Are you planning a romantic, classic, perhaps vintage wedding and have no clue what colors to choose because you don't want to go for the typical white and blush? You found a winner; we cannot think of a color combination that communicates all the above in a unique way, such as dusty blue and burgundy. And the best of all is you can use this color palette any time of the year because it is not specifically linked to a season. 

Depending on the formality of your celebration, you can prefer a dusty blue background or a burgundy one. And you can always add other colors such as blush, peach, navy blue, green, and even gold or rose gold. With Paperlust, you can customize the designs and add the proper wording with our easy-to-use editing tool. 

Remember to order your wedding invitations ahead of time, and if you want to save some money, include the other two items to get a 15% discount. You can add your save the date cards and thank you cards to have them all coordinated and ready to send. Ordering online with Paperlust has many benefits, and you can even support environmental sustainability because, with every order, Paperlust will donate to plant trees.