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Cute Wedding Invitations

Aww! There’s nothing like super cute wedding invitations to get your guests loved up and ready for some romance. It can come in all forms - from cute sayings for wedding invitations to cute stamps for wedding invitations envelopes - so choose something that makes you happy. 

Cheap cute wedding invitations are easy to find. Just narrow your search to digital printing and avoid the luxury techniques like letterpress and gold foil. If you want cute homemade wedding invitations but don’t have the time, skill or resources, check out our cute rustic wedding invitations that can give you the handmade look without all the fuss. Cute cheap wedding invitations don’t have to look cheap. Shop smarter for wedding invitations online with Paperlust for hundreds of designs available at your fingertips. With us on the job, there’s no need for you to waste your time with a cheap and nasty design.

Cute wording for wedding invitations can take the form of rhyming poetry or just a clever pun or two. Prevent your guests from slipping into autopilot when they read your invitation because it’s actually different from the last five they’ve received. Apart from wording, other cute ideas for wedding invitations are photocards with funny or romantic photos, cartoon drawings of you two as a couple (we can do custom designs at Paperlust) or a sketch of your venue. Adorable doesn’t just have to be limited to your main wedding invitations - check out our cute wedding shower invitations and bridal shower invitations today to create a common theme in your stationery.