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Classy Wedding Invitations

Classy wedding invitations need not always centre around fancy techniques like letterpress, white ink or gold foil embossing. They are often about minimalism (consider simple wedding invitations). Keeping wedding invitations classy means maintaining balance and not going overboard with too many things going on at once. Whether it’s classy las vegas wedding invitations, classy indian wedding invitations or classy beach wedding invitations, we recommend trying to stick to a few favourite elements rather than crowding the design. The same goes for your wedding invitation wording - keep it brief so the design can shine. Simple classy wedding invitations can take many forms, so choose a design that is in line with your wedding theme, be it rustic, destination/travel or art deco. 

Ultimately, your day should reflect the two of you as a couple ... without breaking the bank. If you want cheap but classy wedding invitations we recommend sticking to digital printing for a fresh, crisp look. Cheap classy wedding invitations may seem like an oxymoron but if you choose your stationery wisely (i.e. limiting the cards in your set to one or two to keep printing costs down) there’s no reason why you can’t have both. With Paperlust’s interactive online design tool, classy elegant wedding invitations customised to your taste are just a few clicks away!