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Celestial wedding invitations for timeless moments for your wedding

There's been a rising trend in wedding themes related to the stars, space, and sometimes even astrology in recent years. This wedding theme or style is called celestial, and you might have already seen it somewhere, maybe not at a wedding but on your Pinterest board or your Instagram feed, and it's no surprise since this style has been all the rage for quite some time now.

A celestial-themed wedding style consists of a few key elements like stars, constellations, medieval-ish drawings of the sun and the moon, a galaxy or space background, and many other motifs of all things related to the stars, the sun, and the moon. A great and easy way to implement this kind of style to your wedding is through your celestial wedding invitations, which can feature a number of these elements and even have one of the characteristic fonts that go with this wedding theme, a very dreamy, laid back, sort of handwritten font.

Having a celestial-themed wedding is perfect for anyone looking to have a unique wedding. Your celestial wedding invitations can play a big part in setting the tone for the entire event decoration. Celestial weddings go great with summer and fall weddings, especially if the setting is during the sunset or evening. This style of decoration and invitation is very popular among people who are into astrology, spiritual practices, and all things related to the occult. 

Many people turned to astrology, mindfulness, and other spiritual practices related to the stars during the lockdown, so this kind of style and theme for their wedding invitations is an amazing choice. If you think this is the style for your wedding, you'll find a wide arrange of customizable invitation designs for you here on Paperlust that you can order completely online.