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Calla Lilies Wedding Invitations

Incorporating your favorite flower into the design of your wedding invitations is always a great idea, especially if you do not want to choose a specific theme for your big day. Calla lilies come in a variety of colors for you to pick the one that suits you better. 

Calla lilies are a symbol of purity, holiness, and faithfulness. They are simple but elegant, and you can adapt them for a formal evening wedding or a daytime ceremony. A wedding bouquet of calla lilies has no comparison in terms of beauty. 

When ordering your wedding invitations online thru Paperlust, you can customize the wording of your invitation, choose the design that you prefer, and select a print, print types along with fonts give your invitation personality. Digital print is affordable and efficient, for a vintage touch letterpress provides a classic finish. 

A combination of color stock and foil has a stylish and elegant finish. You can choose from various foil colors like copper, rose gold, gold, and silver. Metallic print works better for couples that want a bit of sparkle without being too much. 

When customizing the wording of your invitation, try to keep the language as formal as your wedding. Remember to include important information regarding the date, time, and location of your ceremony and reception. Include RSVP cards and clear instructions about the confirmation deadline and how to RSVP.