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The photography collection of our beautiful wedding cards, wedding stationery and invites.

Wedding Invitations Brisbane. Wedding Invites & Cards

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There is a million ways to search for Brisbane wedding cards, but Paperlust is the only complete online destination showcasing locally designed wedding stationery, including premium print types - Letterpress, Metallic Prints, Photo Cards and Print On Wood, and popular design styles - Beach, Lace, Rustic and Vintage.

Got something specific in mind? Search our unique wedding designs by Black, Blue, Gold and Purple and view all cards in the set, including engagement invitations, save the date, thank you cards and wishing well.

Collaborating with the very best design talent hailing from Online, Australia, Sydney and Melbourne, our wedding designs are uniquely Australian and perfect for any Brisbane wedding venue, from McLeod Country Golf Club, The Brisbane Club, Summit Weddings to Wynnum Golf Club, Cherbon Waters, and Glengariff Historic Estate.

Wedding destination Brisbane

A mix of city and beach, Brisbane is a great choice for a wedding destination. Brisbane has a pretty relaxed vibe to it, with plenty of picturesque locations for weddings, and if it’s not where you’re from, it’s a great city for a little getaway for you and your guests. They’re sure to enjoy a sunny wedding destination! 

For the beach lovers, it’s just about a 1-hour drive from Brisbane to get to either the Sunshine coast or the gold coast. Even Byron Bay is less than 2 hours away from Brisbane and is a beautiful place to get married, in fact, we wrote an article on our blog all about the top reasons to get married in Byron Bay.

There are some great venue and accommodation options in and around Brisbane for larger family groups that will provide the perfect setting for a relaxed getaway wedding. 


Choosing aesthetic with your wedding invitations

Sometimes there’s nothing better than when all the details come together. Once you’re chosen your Brisbane wedding venue you can now start working on all the other details which include picking out your wedding invitations. 

Brisbane has a lot to offer when it comes to your wedding, and why not choose a wedding invitation design that has a distinctive Brisbane vibe and suits the theme and style of your wedding. Our designers create beautiful wedding invitation cards that are sure to look beautiful along with the rest of your wedding day details. 

We have some great beach and destination themed wedding invitations, which have a simple design aesthetic with the use of soft blues, watercolour prints and outdoor designs to suit a coastal colour palette, or even just something simple and classic.


Wedding invitations Brisbane: Something for everyone

With such a talented group of designers, we have curated a great collection of wedding invitation designs, there sure to something to suit any bride. 

Just because you’re having your wedding in Brisbane doesn’t mean you have to go down the Beach theme route, if your style is more modern city or classic vintage, we’ve got you covered for that too, with our extensive gallery filled with various wedding invitation designs like:







and also tropical cairns wedding invitations.

At Paperlust we make sure every style is catered for and our Australian designers will make sure the wedding invitation are personalised just for you.


Cover all your bases with your Brisbane & Queensland wedding invitations

When planning a destination wedding there can be a lot more details to plan for, not least of which is making sure you know exactly who’s coming so that accommodation, catering and even flights are all properly planned and booked. RSVPing is always important for weddings, but even more so if the wedding requires guests to travel, so make sure you get on top of this as early as possible.

Paperlust has written an extensive article on the details of RSVP so make sure you have a read through that to ensure nothing gets left out or forgotten. 

Don’t let your Brisbane wedding invitations be something to stress about, here at Paperlust we want to help make sure everything is perfect, so just leave the details of your invitations to us.



Whether you’re a Brisbane local and know all the best spots or looking for the perfect destination to escape to for your wedding, Brisbane is a beautiful city for a wedding, and we have just the wedding invitations and stationary to match! 

Found a wedding invitation Brisbane design you love but stuck on what to write? Be sure to check out our super helpful wedding invitation wording page, which has a range of wedding card messages to help guide you.

Got questions? Contact our friendly support team who will be happy to assist you - support