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Customize blue and white wedding invitations in easy steps

Weddings are wonderful celebrations of love and events where you can incorporate your favorite elements to make them extra special. If you are into blue and white décor, perhaps you love naval themes, or simply want to have an elegant wedding theme, blue and white might be right for you. 

Your wedding invitations usually set the tone for the upcoming event; you should choose a design that follows the formality of your wedding. Blue and white can work great both with formal and casual weddings. It all depends on the tone of blue and the style of the invitation. If you are planning a daytime wedding, beach wedding, or backyard outdoor wedding, you might want to prefer a white background with some blue details. 

Formal evening weddings can have darker shades of blue, and you can even choose a color stock with white ink to make it extra special. Adding hints of metallic colors is a good alternative too, and you can find many options from floral designs, minimalistic and traditional ones. 

When you find the right design, you can customize the wording to match the formality of the wedding. Remember to add the date, time, location, dress code, and even your registry information. Our editing tool is easy to use, and you can customize the font, color, and even drag or drop certain elements. A custom order is available for you to make bigger changes or create a design from scratch. 

And to top it all off, Paperlust helps you create amazing wedding invitations and ship them right to your doorstep and support environmental sustainability because, with every order, we donate to plant a tree.