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Art Deco Wedding Invitations

Art deco wedding invitations are the ultimate forerunner to a retro style wedding that will wow your guests. The term art deco conjures up mental pictures of beaded dresses, jewelled headpieces, bold geometric patterns and stunning asscher cut diamond rings. We tend to think of flapper skirts, Prohibition and the infamous Roaring Twenties. If you like art deco but with a twist, you could consider art nouveau wedding invitations. During its heyday in the first few years of the 20th century, art nouveau was characterised by natural line and form, often with plants and flowers being featured in artwork and decoration.


Art deco: a moment in history

The art deco period dates from 1920 to the late 1930s and combines a mishmash of styles like cubism, Fauvism and Hollywood glamour, leading to the creation of a new artistic genre with an intense focus on modernity. 1930s and even 1940s wedding invitations feature bold geometric patterns, intricate details and gold accents often contrasted with black. 1940s fonts art deco style are usually bold and block-like, often featuring letters with both thick and thin lines; anything too cursive was rare as it was dubbed ‘old hat’. Our vintage inspired wedding invitations can be customised to any colour scheme so you can have the design you love without changing the colour palette of your whole wedding. If you are planning a modern wedding but want a hint of old school charm, select a simple art deco design to prevent overpowering your original theme.


Nailing the colour and style

Elegant wedding invitations are all about choosing your design elements wisely. Whether it’s bold black art deco type, a chic gold art deco border, sleek and ‘modern’ art deco line designs, or black and gold art deco themes throughout your entire wedding day, pick the style that suits you and let it form a cohesive theme. Complete your wedding invitation suite with art deco save the dates, RSVP cards, place cards and wedding menus.


Art deco, Gatsby style

Gatsby style weddings aren’t complete without Great Gatsby themed invitations. Choose from our amazing Gatsby-esque designs and customise it to your taste. Vintage invitations are trending right now, and for all the right reasons: a Great Gatsby invite inspires thoughts of classic elegance, the golden age of Hollywood and a sense of timeless style. Who wouldn’t want those vibes at their wedding?


Keeping it simple and affordable

If you’re a no fuss bride (AKA a bridechilla, not a bridezilla) then we understand wanting to keep things at your wedding cost-effective and uncomplicated. Instead of searching for free art deco templates online with questionable quality and authenticity, why not just stick to an art deco template with one or two colours, or maybe a simple art deco border? Simple art deco designs are a way to bring a modern feel to a vintage genre.


Creating an entire art deco day

The vintage style doesn’t stop at art deco wedding decorations. There are ways to incorporate retro accents into all areas of your wedding day. 

At the ceremony:

  • Art deco bridesmaid dresses (slimline and beaded with shoulder accents or waved hair)
  • Art deco wedding programs
  • Chalkboard or printed wedding signage with art deco calligraphy or a simple art nouveau border
  • Art deco inspired wedding dress, complete with beaded headpiece and long sleeves


At the reception: 

  • Art deco wedding reception venue (an old hotel or art gallery)
  • Art deco font on your place cards and wedding menus
  • Photo booth with art deco style frames and props (feather boa, beaded headbands, fedoras)


Whether it’s art deco templates to customise or the perfect art nouveau invitations that only need the wording changed, art deco stationery is ideal for transporting your guests back in time to join in on some retro fun. Plus, Paperlust offers complimentary envelopes, free shipping in Australia, and a customer satisfaction guarantee so you know that you’re in safe hands.