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25th Wedding Anniversary Invitations

Marriages are a unique relationship that involves love and constant work. 25 years of marriage should be celebrated big time. A couple that manages to grow and carry on together for 25 years deserves a renewal of vows. 

If you are planning your 25th wedding anniversary, chances are you want to recreate your wedding, or perhaps you want a completely different approach. Trends change and styles too; Paperlust will have the right invitation whatever decision you make regarding design. 

Popularly called the silver anniversary, the 25th years of marriage are milestones in a couple's life. You can take inspiration from silver to design your invitations as a whole concept or adding little details with real foil and metallic print. 

But you should not limit yourself by the silver concept. If you prefer a modern look, try with a dark tone for the paper and white ink. For a more traditional approach, letterpress printing is ideal, and this artistic process ensures high quality and a luxurious look. 

A 25th wedding anniversary does not have to be an expensive celebration, but it should be special. It marks a quarter of a century that a couple has surpass together. You can organize a dinner with your closest family and friends or a large wedding party with vows renewal. 

Paperlust offers plenty of wedding invitation designs that adapt to each unique celebration. Ordering online is simple, and you get a better price for a greater quantity. Delivery is quick and timely, and the best part is that you do not need to step outside your home.