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The photography collection of our beautiful wedding cards, wedding stationery and invites.

50th Wedding Anniversary Invitations

Wedding anniversaries are for the most part, just celebrated between the couple privately. However, when it comes to milestone events like a 50th wedding anniversary, it’s a great excuse to get extended family and friends involved. Being able to celebrate 50 years of marriage is an amazing testament to the couple and their love and patience for each other and they’re probably also considered a source of inspiration for the people in their lives. Each wedding anniversary year has significance, however, once a couple reaches their 50th things become a little more momentous. In many countries you are even entitled to congratulations from the government leader or monarch! Therefore it only seems appropriate that the celebration for half a century of marriage should have the same level of ceremony as the wedding at the beginning of the marriage. 


The sending out of physical invitations is one of the components that gives weddings more weight compared to normal events. Half a century later, the significance of the celebration of that many years of marriage also deems it suitable to send 50th wedding anniversary invitations. Having a formal party is a great chance for couples to consider which people have had a big impact in their lives. When it comes to the invitations, this is a great chance to really go for it in terms of opulence and style. As 50th wedding anniversaries are often referred to as gold anniversaries, the use of real gold foiling is a great way to acknowledge this. This would pair really well with minimal style 50th anniversary invitations as you can just pick certain elements that you want to highlight with the gold. Or if you want to incorporate artwork of flowers or plants, the gold can be used to accent parts of the foliage. 


The memories created from 50 years of marriage are also worth celebrating. Given the extensive amount of photos that probably exist from this time, using them to create a photo card as a 50th anniversary invitation would be a lovely personal touch for all your guests. A common trend is to have 2 photos side by side on the card, one from when the couple was first married and one from the present day. This creates a sense of nostalgia surrounding the 50th wedding anniversary and emphasises the longevity of the relationship. 


Not all couples get to celebrate 50 years of marriage, and the privilege of being able to do so deserves it’s own special day to recognise and commemorate. 


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