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Print On Wood Table Numbers | Designs By Creatives | Printed By Paperlust

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Print On Wood Table Numbers | Designs By Creatives | Printed By Paperlust

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Print On Wood Table Numbers | Designs By Creatives | Printed By Paperlust

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Currently no print on wood table numbers available for purchase. Browse our table numbers collection to find what are you looking for.


The photography collection of our beautiful wedding cards, wedding stationery and invites.

Print on wood table numbers. Wooden table numbers.

Table number cards are a key piece of decor at your wedding or other event. They help set the tone for your tablescapes and they may tie in with your invitations and other stationery to create consistency across every facet of your celebrations. Wooden table numbers are one of the most popular choices of rustic table numbers for weddings. Wooden numbers allow you to add a different texture to the mix, and really make a statement. We’ve got print on wood table numbers (or print on wood letters, if you prefer to give your tables letters or names) to help you celebrate in style. Whether you’re interested in large or small wooden numbers, our print on wood wedding table numbers are a great choice for you.

Print on wood table numbers pair perfectly with timber table plans, wooden table settings, and wooden table centrepieces. This might include timber placemats, branches as a centrepiece, or other wooden features. Of course, if you choose giant wooden letters or other eye-catching table numbers, you might choose to pair them with simple table centrepieces. Wooden numbers are ideal for creating a rustic table setting for your rustic wedding reception or other event. 

Wooden features are perfect for a huge range of weddings, from the most casual backyard wedding to the most formal Grand Hyatt or Panama Dining Room wedding. Timber brings a rustic touch that works with almost any theme, and is perfect for wooden Australia weddings (it’s a texture that works perfectly with the Aussie landscape, so it’s a popular choice!). Rustic table decorations for wedding receptions are always desirable, and pair perfectly with rustic wedding table numbers. 

You have a choice between table numbers that require table number holders or stands, and freestanding table numbers. This is true for print on wood as well: you may choose table numbers with a fold in the paper to allow them to stand on their own - freestanding wooden words can also be printed on both sides to allow it to be read in both directions - or you may choose wooden numbers or wodden letters that rely on a clip or stand to keep them upright. These do not have a fold in them, but may still be double-sided. Either choice will look stunning on your party or wedding reception table arrangements.

Not interested in print on wood table numbers? Other popular choices you might like to consider are free standing wooden numbers or wood block table numbers. Our place cards, invites and other paper products will pair well with whatever wooden table numbers wedding options are right for you. 

Whether you’re looking for wooden table numbers wedding features or just wooden table numbers for a dinner party, we’ve got you covered. Paperlust is your home for paper wooden numbers Australia. We sell all your table number needs, from small numbers to large wooden letters Australia wide, and internationally. Browse our collection today for more party or wedding table number ideas, or to buy table numbers now.

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