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The photography collection of our beautiful wedding cards, wedding stationery and invites.


Looking for something unique? Paperlust now offers mirrored seating charts for your wedding or any special occasion, this lovely look is trending and can be seen in all types of weddings from vintage, elegant themes to modern chic weddings. The more common mirror wedding seating chart comes in three colors: silver, gold and rose gold. It is best to use white or black ink for the text on your chart to be legible as well as placing it away from direct sunlight so as to not blind your guests! For the final touches, frame your mirror with beautiful antique or modern photo frames, hang it on a stand or get your florist to decorate it with matching wedding flowers to create a magical ambiance. A mirror wedding seating chart can help bounce light around the reception room, creating “space” while also wowing your guests with the glitz and glamour!


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