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The photography collection of our beautiful wedding cards, wedding stationery and invites.

Winter Save the Date Cards | Winter Save the Dates & Winter Wonderland Save the Date Cards

Shop perfect winter wedding save the dates with Papelrust

Whilst summer and spring are traditional seasons for weddings, winter is often an overlooked time for holding a celebration. There are some really beautiful design and venue choices you can make for those colder seasons which will make your event stand out even more. For those in the northern hemisphere, winter weddings can also evoke a sense of Christmas and winter wonderland save the dates will have a memorable impact.

Create the ultimate Winter Wonderland Save the Date Cards

Whilst classic wedding stationery designs are often heavy on florals or the greenery reminiscent of spring, winter wedding save the dates can incorporate intricate snowflake patterns for an eye catching and unique turn. Real foil can be used to enhance any design and winter save the dates are a great opportunity to feature silver foil rather than gold. You can also turn to richer, darker colours like navy or burgundy coloured papers for winter save the dates which provides a dramatic effect. Winter weddings can be striking, unconventional events whilst also emphasising the warmth of being together with your friends and family

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