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Western Save the Date Cards | Western Save the Dates

From movies to literature, western is a theme many are in love with, and you can use the design for plenty of purposes. For example, a birthday party, anniversary celebration, wedding, graduation, and the list goes on. The theme is suitable for a daytime or evening event, and you can celebrate it both indoor and outdoor. So, if you are a fan of this aesthetic, start planning your big party; we have you covered with some amazing western save the date cards. 

Once you have the date set, you need to start thinking about the location, time, and dress code of the party. Those details are crucial to order your save the date cards, which should be mailed at least four months ahead of the celebration. Browse through Paperlust to find the perfect design, and when you find it, it's time to personalize the wording. 

Customizing your western save the date cards is easy; the editing tool allows you to change the words. Plus, you can choose the paper type and a print type that suits the style of your party. If you have doubts about which paper or print type to choose, keep in mind, you can order a sample and get a feel of the quality of the materials and printing. 

If one of our existing designs almost suits your needs, but you wish it had a different color, font, or elements, you can add a special request to your order and change those details. Our design team is happy to help you find the perfect design. Custom orders are available too, if you have an original design or wish to work one from scratch. 

Western save the date cards look amazing on kraft paper, with some black letters and perhaps a hint of metallic. You can add a photo too if you wish; once you upload the photo, you can add a filter just like you do on social media. If you have any doubts along the process, you can always ask our customer service team to assist you.