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Unique Save the Dates

Save the dates are your opportunity to give guests their very first taste of your wedding or event and get them excited about attending. If you’re looking to make an impression on guests, you can’t go past unique save the dates that truly reflect you and give everyone a little insight into what is to come. They won’t want to miss the main event!

You can create unique save the date cards in a range of different ways. One of the most common ways to set yourself apart from the crowd is with a premium print type like real foil, white ink, letterpress or print on wood. These print types are far less common than standard digital prints, and are automatically different from the status quo. Another way to make your save the dates unique is to choose a very unique design that you haven’t seen before. It might be a pattern or theme that isn’t common, a unique colour palette, or a quirky font choice. 

Paperlust gives you full control to make your save the dates even more unique. Using our on-site design tool, you are able to drag and drop design elements, select your colour palette, enter your own information, and change fonts. You can see how your changes look in real time, undo anything you’re not sure about, and save your changes to show to others before finalising your purchase. Once you check out, our designers will tweak everything to make sure it is perfect, then send you a final proof to approve before printing. 

If you’ve got completely unique save the date ideas that you’re hoping to incorporate in your design, consider having a Paperlust designer create a completely custom save the date card just for you. We work with you to make sure it’s exactly what you envisioned and perfectly reflects your needs.


Unique save the date ideas

Save the date invitations are usually simple in their wording, only containing information about the date in question, the couple’s names and perhaps a location. Hence, after a while, regardless of different design and paper choices, they can all start to look quite similar. For those who want to stand out from the crowd, unique save the date ideas will set you apart. 

For that personal, homely touch, you can make edible items such as jars of jam for example, and your save the dates can be printed on sticker labels and attached to the jars. This could also be applied to any food items like cookies or sachets of tea blends or home made granola. Save the dates could also be made into gift tags in this case and tied onto an item that’s gifted along with the invitation. The arrival of these items in the post will definitely make for a memorable, unique save the date. 

This isn’t limited to food items, perhaps for a beach wedding, you could collect seashells to send to your guests to increase anticipation for the future trip away. The shells can be a placeholder to attach the card to for a unique save the date idea for destination weddings

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