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Sweet 16 Save The Date

There are a couple of exciting moments once we reach our teen years, but if there is a moment that every teenager dream about is their sweet 16 celebration, a moment when you are no longer seen as a kid, and you begin the transition to adulthood. If you have it all planned to throw a lavish or intimate party, you might want to give a heads up to the guests by sending some save the date cards. 

A sweet 16 celebration is the perfect moment to portrait the style and personality of the birthday boy or girl. Perhaps with a colorful and floral design, or how about a minimalistic and clean one without any colors, just a simple black, and white card. Make sure you have figured out the theme of the party by the time you order your save the date cards because they should match the concept of the celebration. 

The right time to send your save the date cards will largely depend on the date of the event. For example, if it is around summer when many families go out of town for vacations or during spring break, you might want to spread the news with six months of anticipation. On the other hand, if you picked a less popular season when no holidays are in the middle, then four months will be acceptable. 

Browse through Paperlust, save the date cards for sweet 16, and find the right one for you; always keep in mind you can change the wording with the editing tool, and you can add a special request to change the colors, font, and any other elements of an existing design. And if you wish to make your own design, our team will be happy to help you with a custom order.