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Snowflake Save The Date

Winter weddings are magical; they have such a nice atmosphere with warm drinks and food and elegant attires to cover yourself from the cold. While most couples think of a summer wedding, you have no idea of the amount of discomfort you are saving you and your guests by planning a beautiful winter wedding. No one enjoys a ceremony standing under the burning sun of a hot summer day. 

And what can be a better theme than snowflakes? They are beautiful elements with unique shapes that can be part of your wedding decoration, from your save the date cards to your centerpieces. At Paperlust, you will find various designs to suit your needs. We offer different shapes like the classic rectangle or an unconventional angled, half arch and arch save the date. 

Once you find the ideal design, you can now customize the wording and add all the important details of your event, such as the location and date. You can also include a customized backside with extra information and add a special request to change a design. 

Paperlust has different options for your printing style, from shiny foil or metallic paint to classic and vintage letterpress. We also offer a combination of dark color stock with foil and white ink. The possibilities are endless, and when you order online, you can do it from the comfort of your home, watching the result in real-time.