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Wooden Save the Date Cards

Wooden save the date cards? Yes you read correct. At Paperlust we have mastered the ability to print on wood and what better use of this amazing technology than to have your own print on wood save the date card.

If you are looking to make an impact Print on wood is an excellent way to do this. And whilst we have some other amazing print techniques that will grab attention and set the scene like Digital Cards, Letterpress, Foil Stamp and Photo Cards, printing on wood creates an amazing rustic impression, perfect for those who may be having a country or outdoor wedding, or to set the theme for your on-the-day stationery such as print on wood menu cards complemented by digital print wedding place cards.

In terms of design, keeping it plain is preference of most with plain Black print, however we think that this is one print method where going all out in colour can have amazing and unique results including Blue, Pink and Red.

So if you are having a country wedding, or simply want to spruce up your Sydney or Melbourne event, try a print on wood save the date card.