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Pencil Us In Save The Date

Pencil us in save the date is an adorable way to let your guests know about your event. The designs usually have a rustic feel, and you can find kraft color paper and white or dark color for the wording. Along with a cute little pencil to save the date on the calendar. 

This design suits a bohemian or rustic event perfectly. If your wedding includes many natural elements like wood, burlap, and greenery, this is a unique save the date idea for you. Paperlust offers many designs and print types to suit every style. For example, you can choose an elegant dark color stock combined with white ink printing to make your save the date extra special. And for a rustic style, prefer an ivory or kraft stock combined with digital printing. 

Include crucial information about your event, like the date, location, and main purpose. The wording should match the formality of your event, and add a note letting your guests know a formal invitation will follow