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Peacock Save the Date

Tired of receiving the same old white and plain save the date cards, or how about a photo of the couple in a postcard design? If that is the case, we have great news for you because at Paperlust, we have options for every kind of couple, and if your wedding is anything but traditional, our peacock save the date cards are here to save the day. 

The unparallel beauty of a peacock, with all its colors and magnificence, will translate into your save the date cards and provide a wow factor for your wedding guests. Imagine the simplicity of a peacock feather embellishing your minimalistic save-the-date cards with a beautiful font and perhaps a hint of metallic color to add some glamour. Possibilities are endless when you start browsing through the large selection of designs we offer.

When you find the right design is time to personalize it by adding the details of your celebration, you can drag and drop elements and change small details of a current design. If you wish to make bigger changes in colors, or elements, you can add a special request or even print a design you already have by requesting a custom order.