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Fill your wedding with color, choose a papel picado save the dates.

 Have you ever visited Mexico or seen in the movies how the central square of Mexican towns is filled with colorful paper squares hanging from the buildings. Each one has a unique pattern cut out, making picturesque figures? Well, papel picado, an ancient tradition in Mexico, used to turn any regular street into a festive spot filled with color. 

 And there is nothing more festive than a wedding, so if you are a fan of Mexican culture or you are having a cultural wedding, we must recommend you a classic papel Picado save the dates for your upcoming wedding. This theme is also a great idea for a destination wedding in Mexico; you can set up the mood and let your guest know how full of color and unique experiences your wedding will be. 

 Paperlust offers you a large selection of papel picado designs, from full-on color to classy Talavera designs with monochromatic themes for a slightly formal affair. Keep in mind you can always customize our designs not only by adding your own words but also by changing elements, colors, and other details. You can add a special request or a custom order to make sure the final result is exactly as you imagine it.