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Nerdy Save The Date

Wedding planning is a challenging process, but a beautiful one too because you get to portrait your personality into the event of your dreams. And there are no limits about what theme is right or wrong; if you love it, it is right. Perhaps you are a couple who enjoys video games, computers, or even a good space-based saga. You can include elements from any theme you enjoy.

Find a design that suits your theme within the many options we have for you at Paperlust. You can customize every detail of your save-the-date cards; for example, you can change the wording, choose a font you like, and resize or discard elements you do not need. Plus, we offer many printing types, from the classic letterpress for a vintage look to modern and efficient digital printing. 

Your save the date cards must include information such as the type of event, date, and location. You do not need to add many words to it since a formal invitation will follow this card with any other details your guests might need, like dress code and even a map. Order your save the date cards timely. You should send them at least six months before your wedding.