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Tips for your moody save the dates.

A moody style is often preferred by couples who are not big fans of airy and bright settings. Moody save the dates have a darker feel with a combination of deep shades of color; you can incorporate the style into any season. You can keep it cloudy for a spring wedding with plenty of dark-toned details; a fall or winter celebration could include jewel tones and rich, lush florals. 

But before you start thinking about your wedding décor, you must choose your moody save the dates, and Paperlust can help you with that task. Moody save the dates characterized by a predominance of darker tones and often contrasting metallic hints to balance the look. If you wish to add a lighter tone to your moody save the dates, we advise you to keep it within gray, purple, or burgundy shades. 

Moody save the dates are ideal for a modern wedding style; you can incorporate simple lines and a combination of two or three colors in a monochromatic scheme. But they are also suitable for a classic wedding since you can add metallic details, floral designs, and traditional wording. The combination of colors will be determined by your wedding theme or the season you pick to tie the knot. Still, we see couples generally prefer darker shades of colors like emerald, burgundy, purple, and royal blue.