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Modern Save the Date Cards

Paperlust save the date cards are uniquely modern thanks to our independent designer community and design challenges. Each modern save the date card on this site is result of winning our modern design competition or being a runner up.

Paperlust is currently running a number of design competitions for save the dates in other styles such as Formal, Funny, Rustic and Winery themed competitions, and our designer community is engaged in providing feedback for wedding invitations, engagement invitations, thank you cards and wishing well cards submitted by independent designers.

Our modern save the date card invitation competition received designs suitable for a number of print types like Letterpress, Foil Stamp, Photo Cards and Print On Wood ready designs, for a range of our design types Formal, Funny, Rustic and Winery, to suit the table styling on the day check out modern place cards.

It's a good idea if you're sending out modern birthday invitations, to match the set with a modern style save the date card.

Paperlust dispatches save the date invitations Australia and New Zealand wide to various locations such as Online, Australia, Sydney and Melbourne, and offers a range of colours Gold, Pink, Purple and Rose Gold to suit your taste.