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The photography collection of our beautiful wedding cards, wedding stationery and invites.

Las Vegas Save The Date Cards

Las Vegas remains a popular destination for weddings, whether they be completely spontaneous or carefully planned. The idea of a Vegas wedding still carries romantic connotations despite the overindulgence and tackiness that is also associated with Las Vegas. For those who aren’t going down the elopement route and sending out invitations ahead of time, Las Vegas is definitely the promise of an extremely fun reception for all your guests. There are so many elements you can reference on a Las Vegas save the date card, whether that be the neon signs, an Elvis celebrant or the casino culture. This is a great opportunity to do something bold and colourful that will stand out from the conventional designs. Using a tourism brochure template can be a really fun way to make Las Vegas save the date cards as you’re both providing information about the location and being self aware of the kitschiness it entails.

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