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Lace Save the Date & Save the Date Invitations

Set the scene for an elegant wedding with lace save the date invitations. Lace save the dates are perfect for brides that want to take the opportunity to enjoy the finer things. For true luxury, why not have a lace pattern you can really feel with our letterpress option. Stick with blind letterpress, or use soft, pastel shades of blue, green and pink that match your wedding colour palette.

Do you have your wedding dress picked out in advance? For an extra special touch, why not match the style of lace to lace on your dress or veil! It doesn’t have to be exact, of course, but lace comes in all sorts of different patterns, sizes of holes, and other variables. Carrying through some elements from your dress is just another way to give your guests a hint with what is to come.

Don’t forget to plan ahead for the rest of your wedding invitation suite. Start thinking about your lace wedding invitations and wishing well and place cards to ensure it all matches perfectly so you get the full effect! And if lace isn’t your thing, browse our other design styles: indian, modern and rustic.

All cards on Paperlust are designed by the very best independent designers in cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Wellington.