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How to choose your destination wedding Italian save the date cards

Planning a destination wedding is quite challenging, from language barriers to organizing everything from a distance. But the result is impressive, and you and your loved ones will enjoy a unique moment in life that will be an everlasting memory. If you are planning a destination wedding in Italy and have not decided on the theme for your wedding or your Italian save the date cards, we have some tips for you. 

Italy is known for many reasons around the world, its food, history, architecture, culture, and natural landscapes. Perhaps some of those characteristics are why you choose to host your wedding in Italy, so think about them and get inspired by them. We at Paperlust offer you a wide selection of Italian save the date cards showcasing what you love more about this country. 

Maybe you love to travel and wish to have a postcard as your save the date card with your favorite landscape or a hint of the location where you plan to tie the knot. If the wine culture is your passion, you can choose a design including vine or olive leaves. A picturesque and classic villa façade could be another great option.  

If you are more into a classic or traditional style, you can't stick to a monochromatic color scheme and simply add vintage details. Perhaps a letterpress or foil stamp print type can help you achieve a classic style. If you want to add some rustic details, a print on wood is ideal for you. After choosing a design, you love from our Italian save the date cards selection; it is time to personalize it and order it. Make sure you mail your cards ten months before your destination wedding date. And if none of our designs suits your needs or you have a design you want to print only, request a custom order, and our design team will work on your idea.