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Customize these awesome Holiday Party Save the Dates and Holiday Save the Date Cards

Planning an important Christmas holiday party? Be sure to send out holiday party save the dates so that your guests can lock in the event on their calenders. Sending out holiday save the date cards will give you a head start on securing your guests for your event, especially when people schedules are all over the place during the holidays with last minute invitations going out.

Holiday save the dates wording
Use correct save the date holiday party wording so that your guests will know what type of party it will be, when they need to clear their calendars and if they need to rsvp earlier. Choosing the correct save the day holiday party templates can also help the guest take a peek at what’s to come, whether you will be having a formal style event or a backyard barbeque, a suitable design will give a hint of what they should expect.


With the holidays just around the corner, you might already be thinking about throwing a holiday party, and if you want to really take it seriously and impress your guests, then a save the date card is a great way to give them a heads up to clear their schedule for that day. So if what you're looking for a holiday, save the date cards for all the people you want to spend the holidays with, you've come to the right place.

Here at Paperlust, we offer great opportunities to design and customize your save the date holiday cards, whether you want to edit the card's layout from the on-site design or perhaps get assistance from one of our designers. That way, you can make sure your holiday party save the date card goes perfectly with the theme of your party.

You can also choose between several print types available at Paperlust, as well as different kinds of paper, pick out an envelope for your cards, and of course, customize the recipient and even add a backside to it.

Depending on how you choose to customize and personalize your save the date cards, you can expect different production timelines, with digital printing, white ink, and metallic print being the fastest options for your cards in terms of delivery. All the delivery time information can be consulted in our FAQ section, where you'll be able to clear up all your doubts.

Finally, when you buy at Paperlust your save the date cards for your holiday party, you contribute to a sustainable company. For every purchase, money is donated to plant a tree. This way, you're not only buying quality cards from our specialized business but also supporting environmental sustainability.