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Great Gatsby Save The Date Cards

Are you a fan of the glamour and timeless feel of the Great Gatsby era? Perhaps you love the art deco style and architecture and need to have those hints of elegance at your next event. Regardless of the reason, a Great Gatsby-themed celebration is always a winner. You get to add sophisticated outfits and décor to a simple celebration making it unique and memorable. 

This theme is suitable for many events, from a birthday party to a wedding anniversary, and even a wedding. Once you pick a date, it is time to find the ideal venue that communicates the beauty of that era; you can also transform a traditional venue into a refined one with the right décor items and some incredible lighting. 

When you have a date and location, it is time to let your guest know about the celebration with a Great Gatsby save the date card. You will find a large selection of designs available in Paperlust, with colors like gold, black, white, and copper. Choose your favorite and add the details of your celebration using the editing tool, which allows you to change the words, resize, drag and drop elements. 

To change the colors of an existing design, all you need to do is add a special request to your order; you can also change the font and add or remove elements. And if you have a specific design in mind, you can always request a custom order and work with our design team to achieve the result you dream about. 

Some of the print types that look flawless on your Great Gatsby save the date cards are metallic and flat foil. Those two will provide a hint of elegance and spark to your cards. And you can choose from colors like gold, silver, copper, and rose gold. White ink is another amazing option because, combined with a dark color stock makes your cards stand out in a classic way.