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Gala Save The Date

Organizing a gala is a challenging task, and you need to inform everyone about your plans as soon as possible to ensure their attendance. By ordering your save the date cards online through Paperlust, you will save time and money. Access and browse our variety of designs, choose the one that fits your event formality and theme, customize the wording and printing type. 

Paperlust ships globally, and once your order ships, it will only take 2 to 4 days to arrive at your company. If you are unsure regarding the information, you should include within your save the date; here is a general guide. 

  • Name of the event.

  • Location.

  • Date. 

  • Your company name or logo. 

  • The main mission of the event or tagline. 

The specific details of your gala will follow later on in your formal invitations. As of now, it is important to communicate the general purpose of your gala in an eye-catching form, and you can do it with our designs.