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Funny save the dates cards, some ideas and wording

If you’re someone with a lot of personality, that should carry through to any event that is being held in your honour, be it a wedding, a birthday party, a baby shower or something else. If you’re the life of the party and always making everyone laugh, you might want to inject some humour into your event with funny save the date cards.

There are a few different ways to create a funny save the date. Sometimes a save the date is funny because of the design itself, sometimes it is funny because of the wording, and sometimes it is funny because it includes a funny photo or other humorous element. 

A word of caution for funny save the dates: not everyone shares the same sense of humour and it’s very easy for a joke to be misunderstood. This is especially true if you’re sending save the dates to a large number of guests. If you’re only addressing a small group of close friends, you can usually be certain of how people will react, but when you’re not as close with people (especially if they are older or there are cultural differences) it can be difficult to know how they will take it. This is especially true if your save the dates are for a wedding, which many people see as a serious and formal occasion. Always be careful when choosing funny save the date cards. 


Funny save the date ideas

Your choice of image or design can be what makes your save the dates funny. Cute cartoons or cartoon-style illustrations can make people laugh, as can caricatures or other silly pictures. Some people choose to include funny photos of themselves as a child (or both them and their partner, if it’s a wedding or engagement save the date). Some people go even further and set up a funny photo shoot, like a photo of the bride looking excited with bridal magazines strewn around her while the groom looks stressed and is drinking a beer.  

The design of the card can also make for a funny save the date. Funny flow charts or checklists can work great for this. 


Funny save the date wording

A funny phrase, heading, or other funny save the date wording can also make all your guests laugh. Some funny save the date ideas for wording include:

  • “Shit just got real”

  • “It’s happening!” 

  • “Woah!”

  • “We’re doin it!”

  • “He liked it so he put a ring on it”

  • “Open bar!”, “Free booze!” or similar

  • “Free cake!”, “Free food!” or similar

  • “About time” or “Finally!”

Lines and catchphrases from popular movies, tv shows, or songs are always popular for this purpose.  

Puns are another popular way of making your save the dates funny. For example, you might send guests a matchbook with a phrase like “the perfect match!” printed on it, use a picture of a padlock on your save the dates that reads “lock it in!”, or include a bookmark with a save the date card that reads “book it in”.