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Make a statement with your foil stamped save the dates

Planning a unique wedding is no easy task; with so many celebrations happening each wedding season, chances of being out of the common are little. But if you want to make a statement from the very first moment for your guests to know they are not invited to a regular wedding, but an extra one, then we must talk about foil stamped print type. 

Foil stamped is a specialty printing process that combines heat, pressure, and foil or metallic pigment. It is a timeless and classic print type that you can add to one of our unique save the date card designs. The uniqueness of this print type comes from the process since a custom die is required for each design; when pressure is applied to the die, an indentation is left on the stock providing a unique finish. 

Although foil stamped save the dates seem to be classic, you can also turn them into one-of-a-kind pieces when you incorporate an uncommon design and perhaps other colors or even a colored stock. Paperlust has many options for your foil stamped save the dates, from ocean landscapes to glittery scenes and even some tropical vibes or watercolor inspiration. 

Once you find the right design, it is time for you to start customizing it with our editing tool, this feature allows you to change the wording, include your wedding details, resize, and move certain elements and you can also add a special request for bigger changes such as changing colors. With one of our current designs, you can create one you love and satisfies every need you have. 

Include your color palette into your foil stamp and save the dates to make them part of the rest of your stationery. Remember that your save the date cards should be mailed as soon as possible so your guests can add your event to their calendar. Consider having them ready at least six months before your wedding, which is totally possible when you order timely online through Paperlust.