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Family Reunion Save The Date Cards | Save the Date for a family reunion

Family reunions are beautiful events; they represent an opportunity to gather your loved ones and catch up. And while you do not need a specific reason to organize a family reunion, special dates like a grandmother or grandfather's birthday or an upcoming wedding are the perfect excuse to throw an awesome event. 

Once you have a clear idea about the theme or occasion your family reunion has, it is time to let everyone know in a special way, with personalized save-the-date cards from our wide selection at Paperlust. The magic of ordering your save-the-date cards online is that you get to customize every detail of them; you choose the stock, colors, font, size of the elements, and even the printing style. 

For  formal family reunion save the date cards, you can prefer a dark color stock combined with a metallic or white ink printing style. Flat foil is another great option with colors like gold, silver, copper, and rose gold, and you will find one that suits your event and makes it shine. 

If you are hosting a relaxed and casual reunion, keep your save-the-date cards within the same style. Digital printing is ideal if you are not a fan of a metallic finish. It is a quick process that keeps your costs low.