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Dog Save The Date | Save The Date with Dog

Weddings are traditionally formal and romantic; they tend to have the same style and elements, such as flowers and greenery. But when you organize your wedding, remember that there are written rules; you get to decide the theme, style, and every bit of the event. And since we at Paperlust know how important our four-legged friends are, we have a diverse selection of dog save the date cards

It is a creative and funny way to let everyone know about your wedding. If you have a best puppy friend in your life, why not save the date with your dog by uploading a photo and add a filter to customize your save-the-date cards? It will be especially memorable if you are thinking about including your dog in your ceremony. 

Since your save the date cards will not be especially formal, your wording can be casual and fun, add the date of your wedding, location, and perhaps a funny phrase. There is no need for such information.