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How to find creative save the date cards

One of the first steps you must take after getting engaged is setting a date for your big celebration; your wedding date will determine many elements of your event, such as the weather and even the size of your event. Once you find a wedding reception and ceremony venue available for your chosen date, it is time to let everyone know so they can add it to their calendars. 

Save the date cards are wonderful for that purpose; you get to showcase your personality and even find creative save the date cards so your guests have an idea of your wedding theme and color scheme. But when you start looking for creative save the date cards, you often stumble upon the same old plain and simple cards unless you visit Paperlust and start browsing through our selection of creative save the dates. 

Imagine an out of the common and creative save the date card for your destination wedding, like a plane ticket or a design printed on wood for a rustic celebration in the woods. Finding creative options is ideal for couples filled with adventure and uniqueness. In addition to offering you a large selection of creative save the date cards to find the perfect design, we allow you to customize them with our editing tool, where you can add the details of your upcoming wedding and change some elements of the design. 

For couples who wish to let their creative side free and create a design from zero, we offer you our custom request where our design team works with you to print a design you already have or create one. We offer a large variety of print types like affordable digital print or glamorous foil print. Start browsing our creative save the date cards and find the one you love.