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The photography collection of our beautiful wedding cards, wedding stationery and invites.

Country & Save the Date | Country Save the Dates

A country wedding is always a fantastic experience, but one thing you should consider when having a country wedding is a save the date card for the big day.

With people likely to be coming from all around Australia and possibly the world, if you are having a remote or rural country wedding then a save the date is a must. We have a great range of country themed save the date cards and invitations to perfectly match your event.

First thing to consider when selecting a country themed save the date template is print type. We suggest that you consider either digital and letterpress depending on if you are having a modern and classic styled event.

For a modern event, you would want to look at our digital range of invites, with perhaps a floral or botanical design theme, or perhaps look for something more rustic.

Colours should include natural earthy colours including beige, black, brown and green.

Letterpress is not just the domain of weddings in Sydney or Melbourne, it is perfect for a country wedding wear beige paper stock and a simple black & white print combination can be used.

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