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Save The Date Conference

Corporative events are as important as any social event, and if you are organizing one, you must let everyone know about your plans. A save the date announcement is the ideal way to do it. You can include all the information available, for example:

  • Date of the conference.

  • Location.

  • General information about the event. 

Choose the design and wording that matches the formality of your conference and corporation. If you are organizing a conference related to medicine or business, you can keep it formal and short, including crucial information and a sober design. 

For laid-back events such as a golfing meeting, a sports-related event, or a fundraiser and conference, you can add fun lines to grab the attention of your guests. Include words like "catch the ball and save the date for our conference." 

Keep in mind you are trying to inform about your upcoming event, and an invitation will follow, so there is no need to add many details regarding the specific location, time, and so on. Include the date, city, and the purpose of your conference. 

Paperlust offers a variety of designs to fit each style. Please browse through our conference save the date templates and customize your favorite. Ordering online is simple, and you will receive your save-the-date cards in a timely matter. 


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