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Classic Save the Date & Save the Date Invitations

Having a formal styled wedding? Then the perfect way to set the tone from the start is with a classic save the date invitation, and by setting the tone carrying this all the way through to on-the-day stationery such as place cards. Nothing says classic save the date more than letterpress.

Paperlust has mastered this ancient printing technique and sources the finest letterpress stocks from around the word.

The next step in choosing your perfect Classic styled save the date invitation is choosing a colour scheme. Most often when one is picking a colour scheme that is classic, black and white is the first scheme that jumps to mind. However you shouldn't overlook beige, blue and gold.

If you want to also instil a sense of prestige, consider combining letterpress with foil with our selection of letterpress & foil invitations

Classic save the date invitations are the domain of the capital cities Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth and Brisbane, where you will want to match your stationery to ceremony and reception atmospheres.