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Merry Christmas Save the Date Cards | Christmas Save the Dates

Christmas is a celebration many of us wait for an entire year; there is something magical about twinkling lights, Christmas trees, and families gathering around the table to eat a delicious meal. But suppose you are planning a glorious celebration and want to invite friends and family. In that case, you probably should think about sending save the date Christmas party cards so that everyone can schedule the party timely. 

Since Christmas parties begin at the same time the month of December does, you should probably send your Christmas save the dates at least two months before the big day. Once you pick a date, it is time to gather the remaining details, such as the time and location. You can also include information such as the formality of the party and the etiquette code. 

Paperlust offers many options to suit your Christmas party style, from classic décor and a timeless print type like letterpress to a luxurious and shiny flat foil or metallic. You can also host a modern and unique Christmas party with a dark stock and white ink print to impress your guests. 

A classic Christmas party can include green, red, gold, and white colors. And you can choose a colorful envelope with a standard or custom liner. But remember this is your party, so that you can pick any color combination, and if you loved one of the Paperlust designs but wish to change the colors, you can add a special request. Perhaps you are thinking about a winter wonderland in blue and silver, or how about an all-white party? The sky is the limit, and our design team is always ready to accommodate your needs.