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Chicago Save The Date

Chicago is a magnificent city that offers many options for your big day. If you are a local or are planning a destination wedding, you will be impressed by the number of beautiful and unique wedding venues you will find. Once you set a date for your wedding, you can now start planning the theme and the overall aesthetic you want for your big day. 

Having a style will make it easier for you to find decoration elements and choose the right save the date cards and invitations. You can have a Chicago skyline save the date cards, or perhaps a modern design. Paperlust has many unique designs that suit every style, and if we fail to have the right template for you, there is always the option to request a special order and work with our design team to achieve the result you are looking for. 

Browse through our designs and choose the one that you love, now you can customize the wording, change the color and font, and even discard elements you do not need. If you are unsure about which printing style to choose or want to ensure the quality of our materials, you can request a sample. 

Order your save the date cards quickly; remember you should send them six months before your big day. With Paperlust, the process is simple, and we ship free globally on any order over $300.00 USD. Once your order ships, it will only take 2 to 4 days to arrive at your door. Paperlust saves you time and money, and you can complete your order without leaving home.