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Chalkboard Save the Date Cards

Chalkboards have many playful, nostalgic and vintage connotations and they are often used at weddings as signage or decoration. Their common use in primary school rooms means they often have childlike associations for most people. Nothing is permanent on a chalkboard and they can be endlessly reused so they would suit those rustic style, eco conscious weddings. However, they aren’t limited to use just at the ceremony. A chalkboard save the date card could be a great way to give your guests a sense of what’s to come. There are many styles which mimic the look of a vintage chalkboard announcement with many lines of text in all different fonts. As it would be difficult to ensure the permanence of a message delivered on a real chalkboard, these chalkboard save the date templates printed on paper are a great alternative. Chalkboards are often magnetic and attaching magnets to the back of your chalkboard save the dates would mean they can even be displayed on the real thing. 

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