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Save the Date Calligraphy

As we’re all increasingly used to the digitisation of the modern world, receiving anything with a hand written element always seems like a special occasion. The art of calligraphy has mostly fallen out of practice with most people, however, it’s popularity as a design feature has been surging as we turn to those personal, handmade touches. A calligraphy save the date card is an elegant, minimal option for those who like monochromatic designs that still have unique features. Calligraphy shines when it’s the focal point, therefore, if you don’t like lots of pattern or colourful artwork, a calligraphy save the date card could be a suitable option. Or if you haven’t decided on your wedding stationery colour or design theme at the time of sending out save the dates, a simple calligraphy design can be adapted later down the line. The development of calligraphy fonts in the last few years has made incredible progress in producing fonts that actually look like genuine handwriting too.