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Tips for choosing your boho save the date cards.

When you start planning your wedding, one of the first things you need to solve is choosing the wedding date and the theme; many details of your wedding depending on those two elements. For example, the design of your stationery, the style of your wedding venue, and the availability of your wedding vendors. If you have made up your mind and the boho style is exactly what you love, then say no more and set a date for your upcoming wedding so you can start looking for your dreamy boho save the date cards.

Paperlust has a variety of boho save the dates for you to choose from, and if you don't know exactly how to choose them, we have a couple of tips. First, you should choose neutral and light colors like ivory, white, cream, and beige. If you want to incorporate colors, keep it earthy with rust orange, burgundy, brown, burn red, and yellow. When you organize a formal wedding, you can add metallic hints in bronze or gold and even rose gold to add some sophisticated touches. 

Every design you find in Paperlust is customizable; you can change the wording and some basic elements with our editing tool. If you wish to change larger elements such as the font, color, or add or delete pieces of the design, a special request or custom order could be submitted. And if you already have a boho design for your save the date cards, you can send it to our team and use our print-only service. 

Ordering online is simple; you don't have to leave the house to get exactly the design you have been dreaming of, and you will receive it in the comfort of your home. Make sure you order your boho save the dates timely so they arrive months before your wedding since you should mail them around eight to six weeks before the event.