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Letterpress Information Cards - Wedding Invitations

If weddings are all about the details, this is one all-important detail you don't want to overlook. With a range of letterpress wedding information and direction card styles and layouts designed in Australia beyond, you'll be able to communicate the nitty gritty in a style that's all your own.

You can use letterpress wedding information and direction cards to communicate venue details, wedding website details, registry information, hotel information, and anything else important for your guests to know about your day.

Paperlust is an Australian company dedicated to supporting independent design. Our designs are created by independent designers from around the globe - giving you a unique selection you won't find anywhere else. For every letterpress design you purchase from Paperlust - from wedding invites to wedding information cards and direction cards - we give a cut back to the designer who created it. And that's something to feel good about. On behalf of our talented design community, thank you for shopping!