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Open House Graduation Invitations

A graduation party often comes in two types of even, a traditional party and an open house. A traditional party is a little more formal, the graduate is the guest of honor, and food and drinks are served at a specific moment. RSVP is required. 

Open house graduation is usually less formal and more flexible. Guests can come and go as they wish, food and drinks are constantly served or available, they also last longer than a traditional graduation party. 

Finger foods or quick bites are the best options for this party's style; you want food to be available and easy to eat since your guests will not have a seated meal. One of the perks of open house graduation parties is that you invite everyone, from close family to friends. Since people will come and go, there is no need to arrange seating and formalities. 

Even if the event seems informal, invitations should be considered. You want your guests to know the location, time, and specifics of the event. Keep it casual and fun with a photo invitation. If your party has a theme, you can also add it to the design. 

Choose your favorite design, upload a picture of your graduate, and customize your invitation's wording. Digital printing can work perfectly for a casual invitation, and if you want to add a bit of shine to it, you can choose metallic print, a subtle finish that will make it more glamorous and unique.